Thursday 6 – Sunday 16 July 2023

d’Arcy Doyle Place is transformed into a visual spectacle that profiles local artists, architecture and the nooks and crannies of this iconic Ipswich meeting place.

About the Artists:

St Paul’s Church

Thursday 6 to Sunday 16 July - Jacob Sarra


Jacob Sarra is a Goreng Goreng artist born and raised in Ipswich. His art is a continuum of time, drawing on Jacob’s experiences from his past, present and his visions of his future. Jacob draws heavily from nature and space and his family for inspiration.


143 Brisbane Street

Thursday 6 July - Chenaya Bancroft-Davis

A Bundjalung and Gumbaynggirr woman, Chenaya Bancroft-Davis has lived in Ipswich for 30 years. Chenaya grew up in a family of artists and as a child always loved to paint and draw. A Queensland College of Art graduate, Chenaya uses her lino printing work to engage people in stories, as they serve as a reminder of the need to protect non-material culture. Art creates and connects us to our culture.

Friday 7 July - Donna Davis

Donna Davis is a multi-disciplinary artist intrigued with the idea of connection; her work explores intersections between art and science with a particular focus on natural and social ecosystems. Her work tells stories that examine social and ecological themes through a creative lens; often working with overlooked or undervalued organisms, she explores imagined futures, constructing new ways of ‘seeing’ complex systems and our role within them.

As part of deLight Donna worked with sound designer Luke Lickfold to create a soundtrack for the work DE-Compose II. 
Listen to audio here

Saturday 8 July - Eulalia Martin

Eulalia Martin is a proud Bunuba, Gija woman from the Kimberley, Western Australia who has lived in Ipswich for most of her life. Eulalia’s work shares storylines and celebrates this year’s NAIDOC theme – For Our Elders.

Sunday 9 July - Kylie Stevens

Kylie Stevens studio and home on a bush block in Pine Mountain allows her an intimate connection with nature on a daily basis. Her recent work has focused on the Bremer and Brisbane rivers. River water thins her paint, allowing it to pool and travel across the canvas. With the addition of hand ground ochres and charcoal the canvas is marked. Kylie then maps the river in charcoal and copper leaf upon the richly textured surface. Using the elements of river water and earth, the work contains the essence of the place it represents.

Monday 10 July - Eva de San Miguel

Ipswich artist Eva de San Miguel paints quirky and minimalist still life scenes using retro and found objects. She uses a lot of colour and includes the light as a subject in of itself. Eva is embracing a move away from the dusty old styles of still life and enjoying the creation of a more modern aesthetic. One that asks: why is this object here, now, in this patch of light?

Tuesday 11 July - Jason McNamara

Jason McNamara’s portraiture penetrates the surface of his subjects to reveal hidden depths of their being. His striking images offer unique insight of the personalities he captures. The lens punctures the obvious and probes beneath to bring to the fore a dynamic of internal dialogue which is at once familiar and uniquely rare.’

Wednesday 12 July - Deb Mostert

Deb Mostert’s art practice is 30 years young and involves drawing, painting and sculpture. Deb thinks the privilege and burden to make something of what she sees and shares with others, has grown in urgency in more recent times. She makes work that demonstrates that beauty, grace and truth continue. Deb is searching for ways to talk about these themes using gentle, offbeat narratives and a crisp aesthetic.

Thursday 13 July - Mieke den Otter

Ipswich artist Mieke den Otter uses drawing and digital mediums in art making to explore and create visual moving pictures. These are often open-ended ideas that have been started on paper or with the mobile phone. Being an independent artist Mieke is passionate about developing arts in the community and has been very active in artist-run initiatives with ArtConnect Ipswich and Spinners, Weavers, Fibre Artisans of Ipswich.

Friday 14 July - Renee Yates

Renee Yates is a local artist and animator that works in digital collage and animation to create representations of the local landscapes. Her artwork, Pause, was a finalist in the Queensland Regional Art Awards New Media category. Renee has lived and worked in the Ipswich region for 16 years. She is a passionate local who teaches in local high schools and is raising two young children in Ipswich.

Saturday 15 July - Leanne Vincent

Leanne Vincent’s photography-based work is engaged with the landscape and investigates shifting perspectives of ecology within Anthropogenic biomes. She uses the alternative photographic process of cyanotype printing photograms and digital negative contact prints to create visual impressions of natural ecosystems. Significant flora and fauna coexisting within urban biomes can go unseen, and these impressions highlight those fragile natural forms. Leanne hikes in the Ipswich region and surrounds to collect flora samples, insect casings, reptile skins and feathers to make photograms on fabric and paper that represent the natural environments of Ipswich and Southeast Queensland.

Projection Artist - James Muller

Utilising screen technologies and emerging digital media James Muller has become established as one of Queensland’s leading projection artists. James has 20 years’ experience in creating immersive and transformative visual experiences that bring natural and cultural environments to life. Through his passion for the environment, and commitment to cultural exploration, he has developed a unique approach to projection mapping that seeks to reveal the intrinsic qualities of the spaces, places and people he collaborates with. James’ award-winning works create experiences that transcend the boundaries of projected media and invite viewers to experience the world in new and unexpected ways. James is the director of Earth Base Productions, a multi disciplinary digital media studio.

Event details

Thursday 6 – Sunday 16 July 2023


6.00 pm - 9.00 pm

d’Arcy Doyle Place


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