Monster Siege

8-10 July

Monster Siege is more than a game. It’s a fictional quest where kids star as the best versions of themselves.

It’s a show. On a sportsfield. There are rubber ducks. The dastardly King Slobber will stop at nothing to have them. The Game Master and the young defenders will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Parents are invited to perform as Slobbers, who are assailed by young defenders in Monster Siege.

Monster Siege is sport for the non-sporty and arts for the nonarty. It is the high drama of a sports game with the critical thinking strategies of a complex computer game. The inevitable BATTLE  between Slobbers and Defenders is played and performed as GRANDE SPECTACLE THEATRE to an audience in the fresh air and sunshine.

Harnessing imagination, risk, creativity, physicality, strategy, teamwork and leadership, MONSTER SIEGE incorporates whatever strengths kids bring on the day. Their parents and special adults are invited to perform as SLOBBERS. They are inevitably assailed by the young Defenders’ pool noodle spears flying, spells being cast and projectiles launched to POP the Slobbers. Little do they know the Slobbers can mutate.. and thus the game is a fast-paced hilarious battle of wit, strategy and drama with seemingly endless puns on the word ‘duck’…


Presented by SPARK Ipswich and Folly Games.

Event details

Friday 8 July – Sunday 10 July


10.00 am and 2.00 pm daily

Timothy Molony Park

Appropriate for children aged 9 – 17 years.

Children must be accompanied by at least one adult ticket holder.


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