Remnants of the Past: New Work by Kate Douglas

Saturday 15 July - Sunday 10 September 2023

In her recent body of work, Ipswich-based artist Kate Douglas captures Ipswich’s rich heritage in acrylic and watercolour, taking the viewer on a thought-provoking journey that connects past and present and combines reality with perceived memory.

Douglas’ practice focuses on capturing the local built and natural environments, presenting unique perspectives in captivating compositions. Her artwork seamlessly blends visual and symbolic elements, creating a multi-dimensional experience.

In 2018, Kate’s exhibition “Entanglement” explored how the interconnections we view in nature mimic those we experience in our human relationships – pushing, pulling, finding balance and becoming part of a network or support system.

Remnants of the Past: New Work by Kate Douglas explores Ipswich’s rich heritage architecture and artefacts. Douglas builds the composition of each painting from individual elements pieced together – past, present, and imagined. The addition of movement and hints of habitation present the passage of time and ignite discussions and debates about the role of heritage and nostalgia in our future-focused community.

Recently, Kate’s painting “Lost at the Asylum” from her new body of work was selected as a finalist in the prestigious 2022 John Leslie Art Prize

Event details

Saturday 15 July - Sunday 10 September 2023


10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Ipswich Art Gallery



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