About the Festival

Starts 15th May

We all know how important self isolation is, but it doesn’t have to be boring right?? So many people are mourning the loss of their favourite events and festivals that have been postponed or cancelled due to Covid 19, the fun, the festivities and even the food! So we thought “why can’t we take it online”! 

Let’s create a completely virtual festival that allows you to hear, see and even taste the things you love most about your favourite festivals. A festival to be enjoyed within your own 4 Walls and a way Ipswich Festivals can continue to support local artists and performers. Think live performances, workshops and activities for the kids, food truck favourites (you can cook at home) and much, much more.  You can even bring your friends, just tag them in the posts and watch live together.

Follow us over the next few weeks on the Ipswich Festivals Facebook page to join in the fun.

Ipswich we are all in this together!

Event details

Starts 15th May



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