Thursday 6 to Sunday 16 July

As part of SAE Creative Media Institute’s Industry Partnerships program, five animators and a musician have gathered to animate the work of local Indigenous artist, Jennifer Kent. This collaboration, provides an incredible capacity buidling opportunity for students who will showcase their talents for all to enjoy during Spark Ipswich.

About Jennifer Kent: 

Jennifer Kent

Jennifer Kent has resided in Ipswich for over a decade and has lived in Mt Isa, Cloncurry, Townsville, Mackay and Beenleigh. Jennifer identifies her First Nations ancestry with Quandamooka, Jinibara and Darumbal and has kinship with the Waluwarra and Kalkadoon of North West Queensland. Jennifer acquired a love for painting when she attended boarding school at Shalom Christian College in Townsville during the 1990’s, but didn’t start professionally until 2017. With a background in Education Jennifer enjoys sharing First Nations cultural art styles to students of all ages. Jennifer has a unique story telling attribute that allows her to engage and relate to audiences from all over the world.


Read more on these students below:

Ashleigh Scriven

Ashleigh Scriven is an animator specialised predominantly in 3D. Exploring 2D she has brought Jennifer Kent’s artwork to life. Focussing on two particular sections of the work. Ashleigh, dedicated her time to animating the sun. This was the opening of the story. The same as the day, it begins with the sun and follows a journey through Ipswich’s native wildlife bringing it all together where it ends at the place of meeting.

Emerson W. Chaseling

Emerson W. Chaseling, an animator from SAE. Isolated multiple parts of the artwork to give a better visual understanding of the story. Making the river flow throughout the world that Jennifer Kent painted. Giving a path to all of the animals and the audience. Leading those who follow along to the middle of the artwork. This piece of animation as a whole is an expression of journey and destination, a story to follow for all to come together as one.

Ericka Palangan

Ericka Palangan, a skilled animator that specialises in 2D. Has put her talent towards creating motion in the golden wattle and stars. She has brought attention to the native flora surrounding the local area and filled the sky with a spectacle often hidden by the bright lights of the city. Reminding those who observe the work, to take in the true beauty that is this land.

Harry Droy

Harry Droy is a driven electronic music artist and producer that has a vision to help make a positive difference by sharing his passions with the world. Celebrating the brilliance of local indigenous artist, Jennifer Kent, and her traditional artwork that has been brought to motion by SAE’s finest animation team, Harry has had the privilege of creating the immersive soundscape that complements the dynamic light show of PIXEL. Fusing sounds of nature that emanate from the vast and diverse landscapes that surround Tulmur with soothing synthesised layers that exude a calming yet vibrant essence, Harry designed this musical piece to take you on an auditory journey and experience the beautiful artwork through the medium of sound. Enjoy the ride!

Matthew Reynolds

An animation student currently studying at SAE Creative Media. While still quite new to the industry, has proven to be a fast learner, quickly becoming a high-achieving student. Yet his ambition still grows as he strives to take on higher challenges, which was what led him to team up with his fellow animators to bring Jennifer Kent’s artwork to life. From carving the path forward for the emus, goannas, possums, and kangaroos, to showing the many communities united in harmony, Matt has done his best to express the story that Jennifer has beautifully crafted. Being able to work on a project with such impressive technology and incredible art has been an amazing opportunity to take part in.

Valentino R. Koch

Valentino R. Koch, a self proclaimed artist and animator, took a beautiful piece of traditional artwork, and invoked motion to its form. Emancipating the thread fish salmon from the bounds of imagery to flow freely as they have done up the Ipswich Bremer river. The rolling hinterland hills come to life, and grow in perspective towards the foreground as one nears the spectacle of celebration that is the fireworks above the meeting place.

Event details

Thursday 6 to Sunday 16 July


6.00 pm – 9.00 pm

1 Nicholas Street


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